PRZRV | pri-zurv | We Bring Back Memories!
verb (used with object), preserved, preserving. 
1. to keep alive or in existence; make lasting:
to preserve our photographs and physical family memorabilia. 
2. to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare.
   3. to keep up; maintain:
to preserve historical moments.
   4. to keep possession of; retain:
to preserve one's composition.
   5. to prepare (negatives, slides, photo prints or any perishable substance) so as to resist decomposition or fermentation.
   6. to maintain and reserve (pictures, scans, and slides.) for continued survival or for private use for generations to come. verb (used without object), preserved, preserving.
   7. to maintain and reserve (online family gallery) for continued survival or for private use, as in ordering more prints or stretched canvas.
 verb (used without object), preserved, preserving.
   8. to preserve legacy, memory, etc.; make preserves.
   9. to maintain a preserve for family or friends, especially for get-togethers.
   10. something that preserves.
   11. that which is preserved.
   12. Usually, preserves. photographs, memories, etc., prepared by cooking with sugar and spice, and everything nice.
   13. a place set apart for protection and propagation of slides or negatives, especially for sport.   At PRZRV we like to keep it super simple. Our competitors have confusing price sheets and content packed websites that no normal human can make sense of. Photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning: yeah, we do that.   Transferring all your photos to digital format can cost you a whole year of weekends. A single photo scan can take several minutes by the time you color correct and remove dust and scratches; you may even look into buying a slide scanner or negative scanner so that you can digitize all your memories at once. There is also that new photo scanning app that makes great claims but all it really does is take a picture of your photos and then holds them hostage in a low res low quality format.   At PRZRV, we're here to take the headache out of slide scanning, negative scanning, scanning photos to digital. Let's face it: curling up with a scanner to scan photos, negatives and slides just isn't the way most people want to spend their weekends.   We guarantee a hassel free experience, the highest quality, and the quickest turnaround - and we scan everything in the United States. So, what are you waiting for? Relax and let us do the scanning for you.   Save photos, save time, save money. Photo Scanning Service that digitizes old photos saving you the headache of doing a hand scan of all your precious memories. We scan prints. We scan negatives. We scan slides. We will scan your child's artwork. All your photographs will be backed up to the cloud and secured for your viewing only.   Your gonna love our gorgeous online family gallery. This photo gallery will showcase all your images and allows you and your family to purchase low cost digital downloads of whichever prints you want as well as purchase reprints, canvas, photographic restoration, and other photograph related items.


An ever growing list of features to PRZRV, share, and print your photographic legacy.


Unlimited Gallery Space

Send as many photos as you want, send several boxes… still only $1.99/month, unlimited storage forever.

Never Expires

Your precious photos will stay online as long as you have an active subscription, or until you requested deletion. They never expire.

Unlimited Traffic

There’s no restriction on how many people view your galleries.  Got a huge list of friends and family around the world to share… no problem!

Fully Hosted

All your original scans are stored on the most reliable cloud infrastructure. There is no need to worry about downtime, and your files are always secure.

Dedicated Family Gallery

Customize your cover image and send link/password to each friend & family member.

Organize by Categories

Ideally you sorted your images, as suggested, pre-scan. If so, we placed them in the order you requested and names each set just as you wanted.

Mobile Ready

Every PRZRV gallery is designed to work on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Mobile Web App

You can add each gallery onto your home sceen as a personal mobile web app.

Password Protection

Your gallery is set up with a secure password and is as private as you wish to make it.


Secure Digital Delivery

Feel free to download your images to keep a local backup. It’s secure and it’s fast. No need for DVDs or USBs.

Control Who & When

Using your download code, you decide who gets to download copies.

Download All Photos

You can choose to download all the photos in the gallery at once. Or, you can choose to download individual categories within the gallery.

Individual Photo Download

You, and those you choose to share your download pin with, can download individual photos one at a time.

Full Access Control

You can control who can use the 4-digit download PIN by limiting PIN to selective emails. Just let us know.


Mark Your Favorites

You can tag your favorite photos easily.

Download Favorites

After you make a list of favorites, download only your favorites.

Share Favorites

You will be able to share your favorites with your family and friends.


Lab Reprints

You and your family can order professional reprints of your most cherished photos.

Canvas Wrapped

For that special photo we offer custom gallery wrapped canvas prints. Also metallic prints and framed prints.

Mobile Ready

You are able to buy photos from your gallery on mobile, tablets and desktops.


Gallery Sharing

You love to share and we make it easy to share the whole gallery anywhere.

Individual Photo Sharing

You can share individual photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

All Major Social Networks

Share the whole gallery or individual photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Facebook LIKE

The ‘Like’ button is the most popular sharing method. You will be able to ‘Like’ all your galleries.

Mobile Ready

Sharing is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.


Secure Storage

All your original scan files are backed up locally as well as with a major web services company.

Password Protection

Your gallery is password protected from the start.  Easily request no password or change of password at any time.

Download Access Control

You can control who can use your download PIN to selective emails.


Fast Friendly Support

We really are always here.  Shoot us an email anytime and we will get back to you rapidly.

Flexible Subscription

Your scanning kit comes with a free month of our gallery, then $1.99 per month for all the yum yums listed above.  You can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime.  No questions asked.


There are no advertisements on your gallery…ever.


Order your PRZRV shipping kit today.